Sous Vide Barbacoa Beef

The one thing I love about Sous Vide cooking, is the ease to reward ratio. This is a fairly simple recipe, with an outstanding outcome!

You can use a variety of beef, as it is slow cooked, allowing the meat to break down and become “shredable”. You can use Flank, eye of round, Top or bottom round, or any kind of roast style beef you can get at the store on sale.

I used a top round in the attached photos.


2 to 4 lb beef
2 jalapeno peppers – rough chop
2 poblano peppers – rough chop
1 red, and yellow pepper – rough chop (optional)
4 – 6 cloves garlic – rough chop (or 3 spoonfuls of diced in oil form the store)
1 sweet onion – rough chop
1 spoon full each: Cumin, Oregano, Pepper
1/2 spoonful each: Salt, Ground cloves
1 lime cut in quarters
1/4 cup water

Turn your sous vide to 179, and let heat. In a ziploc, or vacuum bag add all ingredients, **squeeze the juice from the lime into the bag, and discard or add to the bag (I always add them in the bag, and discard once done cooking) loosely seal the bag and move the bag back and forth to blend all the spices in the bag. remove all the air (or as much as possible) and seal the bag. PLace into the Sous Vide, and cook for 26 to 34 hours.

open the bag and discard about half the liquid, and then lace remainder of liquid and beef onto a bowl, and shred. serve or cool for later use.

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