Basic BBQ Rub

Mmm mmm mmm good. Use this rub on ribs, wings, chicken…. Or anything you want to bbq. THis is a good go to also for smoking meats. I use this rub when smoking pork butt for parties. Creates a beautiful charred, smoked crust.

1 c: packed dark brown sugar
1/2 c: kosher salt
1/2 c: ground espresso beans
2 tbsp: freshly ground black pepper
2 tbsp: garlic powder
1 tbsp: ground cinnamon
1 tbsp: ground cumin
1 tbsp: cayenne pepper ( I prefer 2 o or 3 tbsp, but I like it with a little heat)

Mix all ingredients together.
If you are using to add just a little flavor (adding a sauce), sprinkle over meat on all sides. If you are using as a dry rub, and NOT saucing, or smoking, rub generously, covering the entire piece of meat.