Baby Back Ribs

First I will start off by saying you do not need to broil, bake, nuke, or crackpot your ribs!!!! Lets be honest, ribs are Awesome! and most people dont eat enough, because they take way to long to prepare!

Here is a simple recipe, with simple directions on how to cook the perfect rib, with the perfect combo of sweet and heat… and it takes a little over an hour (2 to 3 beers – pending how you drink).

Start with the rub… (recipe here)

For the ribs:

When cooking ribs always make sure they are thawed (if purchased frozen, or frozen after purchase. Do so in the refrigerator a few days before if possible. Over the sink, cut open the package, remove the ribs, wash and place on a cookie sheet.  Pat dry the ribs with a paper towel, or cloth.

Once the ribs are semi-dry flip over to expose the backside. Using your finger or a knife gently pry up the membrane on the back of each rack of ribs, and pull off. Make sure to get all the membrane.  The membrane is basically a tough tissue that is under the rib cage, Some argue to leave it on for fat retention, but this isn’t their take it off 🙂 .I have made both ways, and just don’t care for the extra texture it adds to the rib,

 Once the membrane is removed, flip the ribs back over and cover with the bbq rub (recipe here). You can let it sit or toss right on the grill. This is when I usually go and fire up the grill.

Charcoal: start your bricks, and once ready, move to one side of grill. You are going to use the top grate, so put a piece of tinfoil, or a cookie sheet on the grate below.

Gas Grill: turn on grill to highest setting. let heat up. Place a piece of tinfoil  (or cookie sheet) under the top grate – this prevents flare ups.

 Place the ribs on the top rack above the tinfoil, close the lid, and turn down to low… Now you are going to be tempted to open the lid but DONT!! Do not open the lid for 1 full hour… Now is the perfect time to go grab a beer, start your sides,  read through our other recipes, follow us on FB / Instagram / Twitter @theurbancook1 . Once you have browsed liked us, and followed us, and the beer is gone… Go ahead and open the grill. Add your BBQ Sauce (pictured is a Dark Ale / Chipolte sauce (recipe coming soon – maybe if I dont just bottle and sell it myself!).

Once the lid is open and the ribs are sauced. turn the grill back up to high heat, and place the ribs face down on the grill for about 2 minutes to give the sauce a chance to mold to the meat (and get a little char). flip back over and dook for an additional 2 minutes or until the grilled sides are done.

Remove from the grill and let rest for 5 to 10 minutes.

The final product is beyond phenomenal! and  tender juicy. Once yo have tried this once, you will never go back to spending hours prepping and pre-cooking ribs again.

 Try and let me know what you think! and remember please like and follow us @theurbancook1 on FB, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest .