Aquaponics Stage 2

We looked everything over and no cracks or cuts so we are ready to start! First thing we had to decide was how we were going to build it out. We decided to go with one tank for the fish, and one tank to make 2 grow bed. One bed (the top) will be media filled, and the other (bottom) will be a floating thank.

Once we decided the above it was time to start cutting the creating the beds.

Since we were making two beds from one, we decided to cut the beds from the sides vs. top and bottom, to eliminate the drain plug and cap on the top. We want approximately 10 inches of media in the top bed, so we are creating 12″ beds. For the fish tank, we cut about 1″ off the top, and will create a hinged wood door that will cover the top of the tank, resting on the metal cage.

Barring any additional changes, this is what the finished product will look like.

For the video version of the build click here.