Anyone who knows me (and my son – cook#2) knows that I have always been intrigued by about anything new, and love to learn, and soak up as much knowledge about anything and everything I can. Who really knows at what point in life that gained knowledge will be useful. So as most people listen to music driving down the road, mowing the grass, or walking on the treadmill, I listen to books, anything from economics and sales to how to. If something really fascinates me I try and see if there is a way I can incorporate into my personal life.

In this case what was an initial conversation with my son  (cook#2) a few months back about a project they had to research in his culinary class (sustainability) quickly turned to about 5 hours of the two of us sitting on the couch, watching Youtube videos on Hydroponics, and Aquaponics. Needless to say my gardening is going to take a turn, and an experiment is starting! We have been reviewing sites, watching videos, and taking notes and have decided Aquaponics is the route to go.

I was talking to a chef buddy of mine, behind a local distillary where he works, and I noticed two IBC tanks sitting there with weeds growing around them. After talking to the owner, the tanks transferred ownership, and our project will begin!

So…  here we are. Tanks are secure, and the project starts! From here on out this will document oru trials and tribulations when it comes to creating our own sustainability garden so to speak. I hope you enjoy! please leave comments, and especially guidance and knowledge if you have some! Let the fun begin.