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ME and my Salmon. to make it simple, I love to cook. I cant call myself a chef, as I have no formal training, however I have been cooking for many years, and have cooked along side

smoke fish 1 many top notched chefs. The one thing I have always done is watch and remember.  How to peel this, how to cut that. How to prepare meats, veggies, what spices equal what flavors. Many of the recipes here, are as most recipes, a variation of a recipe I have seen online, learned in a book, or watched someone prepare. Like everything, there is always room for improvement so let us know our thoughts as you read through.




The kid. Now 18, this picture was taken about 3 years ago at a Catering for a local stores summer picnic. Smoked Pork butts vs whole hogs (in the end cheaper, and easier to handle). cropped-smokin-pork-butt.jpgI think he started out just coming to hang with his dad, and  check out the little high school girls, but after a few times really did enjoy learning the process, and found out quick that girls like a man that can cook.  So when presented with the opportunity to start the culinary program at the high school he took the opportunity and ran with it. Now as a senior getting ready to graduate, he has decided he wants to make a go at the catering and wedding business. So is planning to move to Florida with us and help create our next chapter, destination weddings in Clearwater, St. Petersburg,and Sarasota Florida.